Thumbnail Stickers - Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy

June 4, 2019


You will find below details about the terms and conditions you agree to by using Thumbnail Stickers (name visible on the App Store is subject to change for marketing purposes). I invite you to fully read it and make sure you understand its content prior to signing up to Thumbnail Stickers.

Thumbnail Stickers: Terms and conditions

Edouard Barbier operates the website and the Thumbnail Stickers mobile application (the “Service”) (name on the AppStore subject to change for search and discovery purposes).

The Service uses YouTube’s Application Interface Program (API). By using the Service, you are agreeing to be bound by the YouTube Terms of Service. You can review YouTube’s Terms of Service on this page: YouTube’s Terms of Service. You can also review Google’s Privacy Policy here: http://www.google.com/policies/privacy.

The app is made available to you on an “as in”, “with all faults and “as available” basis.

The app relies on data available via the YouTube API and like any platform (understand “the app”) built on top of a public API subject to change, I cannot guarantee that the app will function or maintain the same level of service in the future. That is applicable for both free and paid users.

Please read this section carefully since it limits the liability of Thumbnail Stickers. By downloading Thumbnail Stickers, your use of the app is at your own discretion and risk. Thumbnail Stickers makes no claims or promises with respect to the quality, the accuracy or reliability of the app, its safety or security, or its content.

By using Thumbnail Stickers you authorize me to contact you via email in a reactive manner. I will not send unwanted emails but I might contact you directly via email if you send me a feedback or suggestion via the app or if you email me directly.

Thumbnail Stickers: Privacy Policy

Do I need to collect and process some of your data?

This app collects basic details (channel information & statistics such as video count, view count and subscriber count) after you login with your YouTube Channel.

You can revoke this access at any time by visiting this page (https://security.google.com/settings/security/permissions) or directly via the Settings screen inside the app.

The app also collects anonymised analytics data which will be used to better understand the success of a feature versus another and inform future development.

What kind of data are stored?

When you download Thumbnail Stickers, you do not need to provide any kind of personal data.

The following data can be stored in the cases mentioned below:

A. Personally identifiable data:

  • Name and YouTube Channel name
  • Email address

These data are collected to make the app experience possible and make sure you get the best possible support whenever you contact me.

B. YouTube data:

  • The app collect basic analytics data from your YouTube channel. That includes: subscriber count, views count and number of video uploaded on your channel.

C. Analytics data:

Once you download the app, analytics data can be collected and stored in an anonymised fashion.

D. Usage data:

We may also collect information based on your usage of the app. This is always done with the sole purpose of improving the experience for Thumbnail Stickers’ users.

Examples: e.g. frequency and duration of usage, significant events and encountered errors if application has crashed etc. Some of this data is processed by Firebase Analytics (which tracks user engagement and major events happening inside the app to provide insights to developers) and Crashlytics (which provide crash reporting insights allowing developers to fix issues faced by users while they experience the app).

I am also relying on Google Analytics to capture website analytics for this webpage which sits on my personal website even though you are most likely reading it from within the app. When your are browsing my website, small files (known as “cookies”) are saved onto your device to collect analytics information about how users browse the site by our analytics service.

Internet address of your computer, tablet or phone is anonymised in the analytics service I use and these cookies are not used to identify you personally. You can opt-out of analytics cookies at any time.

Where are your data stored?

I use Firebase to store your data in a secure way.

Can I request that Thumbnail Stickers deletes all the data collected about me?

Yes, you can email me at edouard.developer@gmail.com with the subject line “Thumbnail Sticker - Data deletion request” and let me know that you would like to see your channel data deleted. Please mention the email address used to create your account when you email me. I will then proceed with the deletion of your data in a timely manner (I read my emails very regularly) and you will get notified once this is done.

I have a question about my data

If you have a question about this privacy and how your data are collected, used and stored when you use Thumbnail Stickers, please feel free to email me at edouard.developer@gmail.com with the subject line “Data question” and let me know how I can help you.

Changes & updates

If Thumbnail Stickers makes changes to Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy, these changes will be posted on the page in a timely manner. We reserve the right to modify these terms & conditions and/or privacy policy at any time, so please review it frequently (at least on every app update).

In case of a business transaction in which a portion or all of Thumbnail Stickers business is acquired, we will notify you as described above in this paragraph.